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Join the other women who have participated in the GULF program!

And Really Get Real.

Define career success and get to know who you are and what really matters to you.

It sounds scary and it really is.

The alternative? Follow someone else's vision. Settle. Wonder what if...

The GULF Program: Launching Your
Career the Mindful Way

The Getting Unstuck & Leading Fearlessly Program was created with you in mind, having taken several twists and turns but now landing right here with you, for you, which it is exactly where it needs to be. 

The eleven-week program supports your transformational journey to getting and staying unstuck by:



Yes, there are general symptoms of stuck-ness (inauthenticity) but authenticity is not a one size fits all. As a Starter, you'll identify signs to use as a guidepost toward getting stuck. As a Shifter, you'll identify where you are currently stuck and use this information as guidance toward getting and staying unstuck. 


We will create a GULF Model for Staying Unstuck customized by you based on who you are and what really matters to you. You will apply this model throughout your entire work-life to check in on your stuck-ness and take appropriate action getting you back on track to staying unstuck, and fully aligned with your authentic self.


It's one thing to know why you're stuck or heading toward stuck-ness. It's another to know how to live in a way that engages awareness when your authentic self gets lost or minimized. 

Inauthenticity results in stuck-ness and stuck-ness is the barrier to success. You will gain the wisdom to know when your authentic self is being compromised and learn how to re-engage your authentic self using everyday mindfulness tools and strategies. The result - clarity on how to accomplish success coupled with mindfulness practice to recognize and overcome barriers impeding a path to success as defined by you.  

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Program Overview

Eleven-week virtual program in a group setting with other amazing women on a similar journey of re-discovery. Mindfulness practice is fully baked into the program empowering you to transform at your pace using the tools that most resonate with you. If you are ready, or are on the edge of being ready to lead, live and love fearlessly this program is for you!   

Weekly Sessions

Eleven ninety minute educational sessions interspersed with teachings and tools, diving into body and mind physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual phenomena underpinning where and how 'stuckness' may be keeping you from living your full potential.

Customized Meditation Program

A customized meditation program inviting all levels of individuals -  novice and experienced  meditators - to develop a meditation practice best suited to accommodate individual requirements. 


An intimate setting of women creating an environment of vulnerability, trust and support as participants share and discuss topics during the weekly group sessions. 

Homework Activities

Weekly homework activities designed to guide you in the discovery process of seeing and accepting where you are stuck, supporting you in the process of identifying where change is needed, and guiding you on how best to apply the GULF tools in your journey of transformation.  

One-on-One Coaching Option

Take the GULF experience one step further by working with Michelle in a one-on-one setting. Coaching sessions are available for single or multi-session purchase either during or after completion of the GULF program. 

What You'll Learn:

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
Module 10
Module 11

Introduction - The GULf Framework Introduce the GULF Framework, an iterative and continuous process guiding participants through a personal growth and transformation journey. The framework is applied in each module and the Desired Unstuck Self (DUS), a new way of being that ignites and facilitates transformation, is one of the key concepts presented and discussed.

Alignment with Core Values + GULF Model for Staying Unstuck Assess where you are already aligned with your core values, where you may be misaligned, and take the necessary steps to get realigned. A final deliverable of the program introduced in this module and that continues to evolve throughout the program involves the creation of a custom and individualized GULF Model for Staying Unstuck. The GULF Model for Staying Unstuck encompasses writing a personal definition of success, creating a Career Intention Statement, identifying core values and strengths, goals and actions and outlining unhealthy and healthy habits that will provide support and guidance as you transition to the workplace and shift or change careers.

Internal Guiding Principles Identify and begin to unwind stories and beliefs that have held you back from fully leaning into your true potential.

Inner Mentor / Future Self + Thoughts & Inner Critic Build a new relationship with your thoughts including the Inner Critic. Open to and invite in the voice within you that has quietly been awaiting your attention. An internal voice to guide and support you on the journey to your Desired Unstuck Self.

Compassion + Meditation Practice Introduce and begin the practice of two foundational GULF strategies, compassion and meditation.

A Look at Trust & Boundaries Learn how you relate to trust (self and others) and look at how and where you currently set boundaries in your life. Establish actions you can take to implement change in the areas of trust and boundaries positioning you for success in the workplace and career.

Mind & Body Conditioning + The Intentional Pause Explore the science behind mind and body conditioning. Habits, autopilot, stress, and fear are focus areas within this module. Explore each of these areas in your life and learn how to effectively work with them.

Mind & Body Conditioning: A Deeper Look at Habits + A Look at Integrity Learn the power of the Intentional Pause while also exploring how and where you are living in integrity. Define where you can more fully live in integrity propelling you towards a more full and purposeful life.

Mind & Body Conditioning: Resistance to Change Expanding on Module 7, dive deeper into understanding, working with and changing unwholesome habits, and starting new wholesome habits positioning you for success in the workplace.

The Role of Energy Learn how energy impacts your current state of being and how by changing your energy, you can attract new people, situations and possibility.

Continuing the GULF Journey / Wrap-up Final guidance on continuing the GULF journey as participants transition to the workforce.


Chelsea Jones Crosby
Creative Collaborator & Writer

“Simply put: I’m not the woman I was before Getting Unstuck. The information and tools from this program, put into practice, have helped me reclaim who I always was, and that’s giving me the opportunity every day to shape who I’m meant to be. I no longer passively let my life happen to me. I’m guiding it with each pause, reflection, and intentional choice.” 

Shannon Acker
Visual Designer & Content Producer

"I came into this program feeling like I was already doing everything in my control to get unstuck. However, the tools provided in this course really helped me to see the big picture. By establishing habits, I was able to visually see and become emotionally aware of the areas I was struggling in and identify where I still had gaps for growth and opportunities in my control."

Kayla Pehl
M.S. Environmental & Sustainability Studies, Laboratory Technician

"Going through the GULF program was extremely helpful for me! I learned a lot of tools that I have already begun to put into practice, both in my career and in my personal life, and will continue to use throughout my life. Michelle did a fantastic job each week and made the material relatable and easy to digest. I highly recommend going through the program so that you can become the leader you were always meant to be!"

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