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21, 2024



Launching your Career the Mindful Way

Be proactive.  Get prepared. 


Learn how living mindfully can give you the tools and strategies to navigate your career and create a future of work based on your values and definition of success.

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In the GULF program, we guide women to mindfully navigate work without getting stuck.

If you are anything less than yourself, you are stuck.

It’s that simple.

This means you need to stop being fake and lean into who you are.

The GULF program provides the guidance and platform to get you there.


“The GULF Program has been highly impactful for me both in terms of my career and personal life. The ideas and practices that Michelle explores throughout the program have altered the way I approach myself, others, and my goals, transforming me into a more reflective, compassionate, and confident woman. I would highly recommend this program to any woman who is seeking to understand herself and her goals at a deeper level. Michelle creates a fun, educational, safe, and exploratory environment with just the right amount of challenge and compassion that is right for any woman at any age and place in her career”.

Nicole Pehl / Master of Science, M.S. Environmental & Sustainability Studies, Marine Technician

Is this Program for me?

Starters & Shifters

The GULF program defines Starters as women newly entering the workplace (0-5 years in the workplace) and Shifters as women exploring new roles or desiring a mind shift within the same role (5+ years in the workplace). To determine if this program is for you, click on the category applicable to you.


Jane Gari
Content Strategist & Author

“The Getting Unstuck program gave me the tools I needed to feel more in command of the trajectory of my career – and my life. This is not hyperbole. The curriculum and exercises gave me the opportunity to craft personal and professional mission statements and act on them. I cultivated the courage to ask for what I want and take on new challenges, including landing a new position that aligns with my values and talents. This program is amazing.”

Megan Boucher

“The tools from the Getting Unstuck program have helped shape my communication and manage stress. Michelle introduced us to the intentional pause, which is the moment you take to collect your thoughts and provide a more mindful response. This has helped me in difficult conversations that could have previously elicited a knee jerk response. Michelle’s meditation techniques have also helped me manage the stress of my daily life and focus on the positive.”

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